Body Fat Analysis Scanner

All of our nutritionists use near infra red spectrophotometry (NIS) to measure body fat to ensure that you are meeting your goals. NIS is safe and non-invasive. You do not feel the test being done. The NIS machine provides data, such as your fat weight (essential, reserve, and excess fat), lean tissue mass, body fat %, body water % and more. This is a wonderful tool to track changes in your body composition when you are losing weight (are you losing fat or muscle?) or when gaining weight (again, is the change due to building muscle or gaining fat?). This test is not recommended for pregnant women or persons with implanted electronic devices. For weight loss, the intended goal is to lose fat not lean muscle mass. Your hydration can be evaluated with this technology. This method is highly accurate and uses a tiny laser beam of light to the bicep area. This is the same technology used by the National Institute of Health for all of their research studies. Dr. Julie has been using this type of scanning technology since 1983, one year after the scanner was developed.