Cathy Iannone

Office Assistant

“As a Brookfield resident for over 50 years, I welcomed the opportunity to join the Health Weighs staff as an Office Assistant this August. I have always been a health advocate, seeking alternative treatments and I’ve been curious about the services offered at the practice, driving past their model structure every day. Upon entering, I felt a warm and comforting presence within the atmosphere…just the experience I’ve been looking for!

Having spent many years in the corporate arena with a background in publishing, advertising, and retail, I felt a calling to the healthcare field, and joined the ranks of CNAs at a local skilled care facility in 2012 and was promoted to Respiratory Technician. I am also an Election Moderator for our town. I was a Care Plan Manager to both my parents and provide support and companionship to any friends in need.

As a member of the Brookfield Lions Club and Friends of the Brookfield Library, I gain much joy and fulfillment in giving back to the community . A classically trained pianist, I was a member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians for 13 years and have performed for the residents of several nursing homes in the area. As a mentor for DSABC for 13 years, my student was entitled to a $2000 scholarship under my tutelage. There’s a special place in my heart for Veterans and children with special needs, and I support the organizations that care for these individuals and their families.

I’m currently enrolled in the Associate of Arts Business Administration Degree program at Strayer University and scheduled to graduate in 2022.

I am “mummy” to my kitty Pepe, who was named after Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven, in honor of his grandpa’s favorite restaurant. He brings me a lifetime of comfort and cuddles that make my life complete. His many aunts and uncles love to come to visit and bring him Christmas presents every year!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of our gifted staff, learning as much as I can, and growing within my role, while helping our patients meet their health goals to achieve a better quality of life.”