1. What is a Chiropractic appointment like?

Dr. Brian Conner, DC, CNS, CKTP, CDN, IFMCP provides safe and gentle chiropractic care to his patients. Using the latest technology such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound, as well as hot and cold packs, essential oils, supplements and herbs, Dr. Brian treats his patients with an integrative approach. He uses Kinesio Taping, Active Release Technique, and many other modalities to provide relief to his patients in pain. As a nutritionist, Dr. Brian is able to compliment this chiropractic care with personalized therapeutic meal plans.

2. Does a Chiropractic adjustment hurt?

There is commonly no pain associated with Chiropractic adjustments. In some patients they may experience minor post-treatment discomfort or soreness which usually subsides within 24 hours.

3. What conditions do Chiropractors treat?

• Arthritis
• Back Pain
• Bursitis
• Carpal Tunnel
• Chronic Fatigue
• Disc Pain
• Elbow Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Foot Pain
• Headache
• Joint Pain
• Migraine
• Muscle Sprains
• Neck Pain
• Numbness
• Pinched Nerve
• Scoliosis
• Shoulder Pain
• Spinal Pain
• Sports Medicine
• Tendonitis
• Tingling
• Vertigo

4. Is Chiropractic safe?

In general, Chiropractic treatment is safe. However, like all forms of medical care there are always risks. Most of these risks come from pre-existing conditions. These will be evaluated by Dr. Brian Conner prior to any adjustments or treatment.

5. Is it covered by my insurance?

For Chiropractic Services, we accept the following insurance plans: Aetna, Anthem Health Plans, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, ConnectiCare, EmblemHealth, Medicare, Oxford, and UnitedHealthcare. We do not accept Husky plans, even if it is a secondary insurance.

6. Does Chiropractic treatment require a referral from my MD?

No, Chiropractic treatment does not require a referral from an MD.