“Chris is an excellent acupuncturist. I love that he makes me part of the process by seeking my input on what points are best for me. He is gentle, kind, and knowledgeable. I am grateful to be working with him!” -Melanie

“I have been going to healthy weighs wellness for acupuncture for over 3 years – when I started with Chris Chapleau, he was overly eager to make sure I received the best possible treatment – I’ve had multiple issues over the years and every time I walk in with pain, I walk out pain free. He goes way over the top to make sure his treatments are effective and lasting. He is always completely involved in the health of his clients and shows more care for them than any other acupuncturist I have ever seen – more than any doctor I’ve ever seen and I would recommend him to anyone – whether they are in pain or just need to feel better overall.” -Joanne

“Chris Chapleau helped me tremendously in mind, body, and spirit through acupuncture. Not only is he super knowledgeable but very kind and approachable. Being new to acupuncture, this was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to improve their health and well being!” -Realization Station

“Chris has been my acupuncturist for several years.  He has always taken the time to figure out exactly the right course of treatment for whatever ailments I have come in for.  There have been several things he has worked on, which have always delivered positive results.  I usually walk in with pain, and out pain free.  He goes way above what you would expect, and cares about the people he treats.  I would highly recommend anyone to utilize his expertise and experience.  He has been highly trained and uses that training along with constant research in his field.  You are getting the best of the best.” -Joanne A.

“After dealing with chronic pain on my left foot for several months I decided to visit Chris. Was my best decision, he did a thorough analysis and fortunately after a couple of sessions and prescribed exercises at home, I am able to run pain free. Thanks!!” -Julio

“Chris is a highly talented professional whom I’d recommend to anybody. Great guy too.” -tachymetres

“Since meeting Chris Chapleau “randomly’, I am hooked on acupuncture and especially enjoyed the Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture program we did together. For me, it takes the place of regular Botox treatments, and it has made a big difference in my skin. In addition to my doing regular deep tissue massage to my face, Chris taught me how to incorporate different tricks to enhance the effects of the acupuncture energy work I received. /many people think I look ten or so years younger, and I credit Chris with this glowing skin.” -Dorina

“The entire staff is very friendly, and Chris took extra time to ensure that I was comfortable with the process” -Sarah

“Very nice experience, Chris was great and didn’t feel rushed at all. I will be going back for future things” -Jeff

“Chris was great! A no-nonsense and comprehensive approach to my problem and I feel better already.” -Tracy

“Absolutely amazing experience. Loved Chris! Super passionate about his career and very helpful. This was my first time doing acupuncture and I will definitely be making this a regular habbit!” -Rachel

“Met with Chris today for acupuncture. He was very polite and friendly. Explained where the needles were going and what the certain points were named. Talked a bit about my medical history and he told me about certain things he could do for me. The rest of the staff make you feel like family. Office is very clean!! My advice…if you are a first timer, don’t think about it. Just do it. I promise you won’t regret it.” -Cordero

“Love it, just starting visit this place for acupunture treatment, and I’m so happy with the attention and the service i have received, my next step is with my weight loss i will need little help with.” -Nelly

“I highly recommend healthy weighs! I have had a wonderful experience there with both my nutritionist and acupuncturist!” -Jessica

“wonderful! relaxing and just a wonderful experience all around” -Irene

“Great and very helpful staff” -Gary

“Definitely do this! Chris is incredible. What a great experience.” -Darla

“you will need more than one session, its worth it to buy 3 or more” -Gary

“They are all very professional – and real. Acupuncture by Chris most highly recommended” -Leanne

“Good experience. Chris is great and my wife and I benefitted from the acupuncture experience.” -Rose

“It was a lovely experience. Thank you. :)” -Laura

“Although Chris Chapleau is an acupuncturist, he gave me far better treatment than any physical therapist I had seen for my torn calf. I play professional tennis, and I had been going to physical therapy religiously only to re-tear the muscle the first time I tried to play again, months later. When I searched for alternative treatments, I found Chris. He implemented acupuncture, cupping, shock wave therapy, massage techniques and other modalities to strengthen my calf again. He also gave me appropriate exercises to realign the scar tissue so that I would not re-injure the area. He rehabilitated my calf on his own and I ditched my PT, who only set me back! Chris is clearly extremely knowledgeable and well-rounded in this field and the “acupuncturist” title doesn’t do him justice – although he’s great at that too!” -Stephanie