Qigong is an Ancient Chinese Practice that aligns breath, movement and meditation for exercise and healing. The Chinese incorporate this practice into their daily activity. It dates back more than 4,000 years and is said to have been created by Peng Tzu. There are more than 3,000 different forms of Qigong. It is known as a form of Energy Medicine used to heal the body and keep it healthy. It does this by working with Qi (ENERGY) that surrounds all of us.

This event usually occurs once a month on a Thursday. For more information, contact reception@healthyweighs.com.


Pam will offer you a safe healing sanctuary for you to focus on nothing but “YOU.” You will be guided in a gentle meditation allowing you to increase your vitality and balance your Mind, Body & Spirit. During the meditation, Energy Medicine will be offered to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. We will work with different energy centers in the body called chakras. Any chakras that are out of balance will be corrected so there is a natural flow to your energy centers.

This event usually occurs once a month on a Tuesday. For more information, contact reception@healthyweighs.com.


This ancient practice of deep relaxation, also known as “Yoga Nidra” will offer you a profound connection to your conscious mind, the state between waking and sleeping. At the beginning of the class you will write an intention, a heartfelt wish for your practice. The intention you set in your deep relaxation practice will go deep within you to cultivate and manifest what you desire. This meditation practice will then gently guide you through the experience of being human, connecting your mind, body and spirit. You will be allowed to bring all areas of disconnect in your life back into harmony and find a place of wholeness within. Pamela, our Medical Reiki Master™, will gently guide you for 30 minutes to access that part of you that is untouched by life experiences and uncover who you truly are, healthy and free of any discomfort or disease. 

This event usually occurs once a month on a Tuesday. For more information, contact reception@healthyweighs.com.


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