“Csilla has been successfully treating our 13-year old grandson with reflexology for 11 months. The past 3 years he has had bouts of severe cyclical vomiting, requiring hospitalization. Virus infections and high emotions seem to trigger the vomiting – but medications have not helped. This year, “opening the meridians” with the oils and reflexology have enabled him to cope with the “triggers” and he hasn’t had any episodes. Csilla has also shown him what to do at home to regain his health.  Our family is most grateful for Csilla’s expertise.” -Beth H.

“I’ve been using reflexology for many years now after I saw the immediate benefit when I threw my back out. I’d been unable to move for a few days and made my way to see Csilla Zakarias. After painfully maneuvering into her chair, she worked on the nerve endings in my feet. She found the nerves that correlated to my back! What a relief! That pain was almost fully gone in just one visit. I was able to easily get up out of the chair. I was totally blown away. Now, I see her for the overall health benefits as well as for pain relief. I totally recommend this kind of therapy and Csilla is absolutely amazing. She has a kind manner and explains what she’s doing or if I’d rather just enjoy the therapy quietly, that works for her too.” -Ann N.L.

“Csilla The reflexologist is nothing short of fantastic. I have been having reflexology treatments with Csilla for over 10 years now. I have seen her on a regular basis and then for maintenance basis. I love reflexology and she is absolutely the best. To me reflexology is not a foot massage. When Csilla scans my reflexology points most of the time I can tell exactly what she’s affecting and how it is affecting my body. For instance the pituitary gland the master gland makes you feel amazing when she activates this area. Sites of pain in your body also respond well with me to her treatments. Csilla knows Similar and at times the same points on the hands and the ears. The treatments that I have received from her make me feel amazing and I feel that well in between my treatments as well.  I refer patients to her all of the time and I have the utmost of respect for her professionalism, knowledge and being an expert in her field.  She practices the Inga method of reflexology And in my opinion this method has worked better for me by far than any other method. You simply have to try it.  Thank you Csilla.” -Louis S.