Csilla Zakarias

Certified Ingham Method Reflexologist

There are 12 main meridians in the body in Reflexology. All these channels, which run through the hands and feet, are interconnected with each other and are named to relate to a certain organ. Because the meridians are connected to specific organs, stimulating the points will activate the corresponding organ.

There are 7,200 nerve endings in each foot. Perhaps this fact explains why we feel so much better when our feet are worked on using Reflexology. My job as a Reflexologist is to relieve your stress and pain. All of your blood and nerve impulses travel through your feet and hands to the ends of your fingers and toes and then turn around and go back to some organ, muscle, tendon or gland. When these blood and nerve impulses are congested in your hands or feet, I have to work out the congestion and restore proper circulation by applying pressure on these reflex areas. This is why many health conditions can be helped with reflexology, by improving circulation and balancing your whole body.

Reflexology works by relieving stress and pain throughout the body by focusing on the hands and feet and there are no needles involved. There are pressure points in these areas that correspond to other parts of the body that are not normally reached with a normal massage. This is a great way for the practitioner to access a specific area that is giving you trouble without touching the area.

In 2007, I became a certified Ingham Method Reflexologist with the State of Connecticut. Early on in my training, I had great success. I had a friend whose husband had suffered severe spinal injury in an auto accident. I was sure Reflexology would help him physically and emotionally, so I convinced him to be a case study for me. It did work! His wife was so impressed with the results of my treatment that she went to school and later opened her own health center where we worked together for 10 years. Her husband? He has never had to return to the medication he was previously dependent on!

In 2016, I learned from Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten from South Africa, the author of Moving the Energy: Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. I invite you to experience reflexology and make an appointment to see me at Healthy Weighs Wellness Center.