“Have osteoporosis? Julie Conner can help!  I went from osteopenia to osteoporosis last year, and my doctor wanted to put me on a prescription medication.  I told her I’d like to try one year working with Julie Connor, who put me on a bone-building supplement regimen.  That, combined with a personal trainer has had incredible results!  I actually built bone density, and am now back to where I was 3 years ago, with osteopenia.  Thank you!” -Carol D.

“Dr. Julie Conner is an amazing medical professional and nutritionist!  She figured out what was causing heart palpitations on the first visit (4 medications/supplements with this side effect that increases with age and amount of time taking them).  This is after seeing my internist, who concluded it was stress.  Thank you, Julie!  Many years ago, I went to Julie when having memory issues in my 40’s.  In looking at the foods I was eating, she realized that in trying to lose weight, I was depriving my brain of necessary oils and fats.  After two weeks of eating differently, my memory returned, and I began to lose the weight!” -Susan D.