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Standard Process and Mediherb

If you are a patient of Healthy Weighs Wellness Center and are interested in any of the Standard Process and Mediherb products, call 203-775-1819 to receive the practitioner code.

Coral Calcium


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We also carry the following product lines to help you on your health journey:

We also carry:

    • Simpson & Vail teas
    • CV Sciences CBD Oil
    • Image Skin Care Products
    • Quick Healthy Cookbooks
    • Food Lists for Weight Management
    • Miscellaneous Books
    • Dietminder Food and Fitness Journal
    • Food Scales
    • Divider Plate
    • Organic Rice Rollers
    • Arniflora
    • Jadience Foot Energy Spray
    • Jadience Muscle and Foot Spray
    • Yoga Supplies 

and more!

Health Books


Food Record Book

Products For Portion Control

Our Favorite Cookbook


Yoga Supplies

Other Products

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