Personal Training & Human Performance Programs

Our Personal Trainer & Exercise Physiologist, Dr. Chris Chapleau, challenges you to maximize your own performance without being a drill sergeant. He’ll tailor the workout to your needs and adjust them as you improve. One size does not fit all – everyone has different abilities, desires, goals, limitations and ways of being motivated and encouraged. Therefore, we meet you wherever you are in your journey, and work with you on fitness, lifestyle, and attitude. Our goal at Healthy Weighs Wellness Center is to educate, motivate, encourage, and empower you to be the healthiest version of you!

We understand that having the right support is the key to success when it comes to personal fitness and weight loss. Our job is to ensure you have this support, in a professional and welcoming environment, by providing you with the guidance, encouragement, motivation, and sense of accountability necessary to keep you on-track! From experience, Chris understands that many people feel uncomfortable working out in a traditional gym and provides a safe, fun environment here at Healthy Weighs Wellness Center. You will be guaranteed to smile while still being challenged!

Before Dr. Chris became a Doctor of Acupuncture, he was an Exercise Physiologist. In 1994, he graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with his Masters in Human Performance.

He worked for Danbury Hospital’s WorkLab (work rehabilitation/work hardening and conditioning). He also worked as a Personal Trainer and the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cannondale’s in-house cycling team, Stage 1/FusionThink, for many years. He is also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. He enjoys staying current and offering both Corrective Exercise and Functional Training services to his clients and patients because exercise and physical movement are such important components of preventative health.

Meet Our Personal Trainer & Exercise Physiologist

Dr. Chris Chapleau, Exercise Physiologist, CES, D.Ac.

Corrective Exercises

Dr. Chris uses Corrective Exercise along with Acupuncture and Bodywork to teach his patients special exercises to help strengthen and correct their own unique physical and/or postural problem. He uses a systematic plan called the “Corrective Exercise Continuum” (CEC) to identify neuromuscular dysfunction and correct it. The CEC includes four primary phases.

The first phase is the Inhibitory phase in which he teaches but then also applies treatment techniques to help decrease activity of overexcited neuromyofascial tissues in the body.

The second phase is the Lengthening phase in which he uses the above treatment tools, such as stretching techniques, to increase the flexibility, length, and range of motion to the appropriate tissues of the body.

The third phase is the Activation phase where isolated exercises are used to strengthen those muscles that are underactive. The last phase is called the Integration phase and here is where integrated exercise movements are used to retrain the body back in balance as a cohesive functional unit.

Functional Training

Dr. Chris defines Functional Training as exercise and movement that are similar to daily movements, and then some that allow individuals to better perform the activities of everyday life, recreation, and sport.

The equipment used in Functional Exercises is basic. It consists of kettlebells, dumb-bells, barbells, body weight, and equipment such as balance platforms and medicine balls.

What are the benefits?

By working the body in movement patterns that are specifically designed for your daily life, you will benefit fairly quickly and soon notice that you will be performing better on a daily basis. The exercises are more functional in nature, meaning that the movement patterns are more dynamic and involving the whole body, rather than isolating the individual muscles.

This type of exercise is especially good those who spend most of their working day sitting.

  • Functional Training will get you moving, and will engage your cardiovascular system, flexibility, explosive power, and build muscles that you might not normally use.
  • Functional Training can improve posture by correcting muscular imbalances.
  • Improve body conditioning by increasing the metabolism, which will help lead to reduced fat levels
  • Develop a stronger leaner body as a consequence of improving your movement and daily physical performance, which is a nice side effect
  • Physical Exercise is known to improve brain cognition, energy, memory, sleep, and mood.

What to Expect from your First Personal Trainer Session

Dr. Chris develops workouts based on the individual’s needs and goals. The first meeting lasts approximately 40-45 minutes, where Dr. Chris will evaluate his clients in order to ascertain areas of weakness and what needs are to be focused on. Follow-up workouts are designed to be 30 minutes long.

Whether your focus is weight loss, strength training, athletic performance, injury rehab, or simply a desire to improve your overall health and appearance, we promise to help you every step of the way to maintain passion, motivation and determination to succeed. We use TRX suspension training, RIP training, body weight workouts, yoga moves, weighted pilates balls, and just about anything else that we can think of. A typical workout means you’re doing something different every minute, which will help keep you engaged.

Our Personal Trainer, Chris, is available five days a week by appointment. Our hope is you will be inspired to take the first step. You deserve a life without restrictions of mobility, size, strength, endurance, and self-confidence. Please call today to begin your journey towards a healthier and more purposeful life.

If you would like to make an appointment today, please call our office at (203)-775-1819.